College President

The economic independence and prosperity of Arab society depend on the existence of a sophisticated and advanced industry, based on those engaged in technology at all levels.

Arab society in Israel is undergoing rapid changes, mainly due to the pace of development of new, information-based and knowledge-intensive technologies, which have led to a change in society’s structure and the demands of the local, national and global labor market.

Al-Qasemi College of Engineering and Science leads study programs adapted to Arab society that include a program of practical engineers, a dental program, a complementary medicine program, professional and financial training. The college aims to be leading in quality of teaching, student learning services and the provision of applied tools that will help students integrate effectively and quickly into professional and managerial positions in the labor market.

The college considers the personal attitude and accompaniment of the students from the beginning of their studies to be a central task, with maximum consideration for their needs and personal preferences. The college strives to empower the abilities of each student and strengthen self-belief.

The scholarship system offered by the college through the Dean of Students, allows students from all socio-economic backgrounds to study at the college. The community volunteering to which each recipient of a scholarship is committed to do, contributes to the integration of the college into the community.

The college invites students to join one of the study tracks in an academic environment that includes modern infrastructure, laboratories in biotechnology, electricity, optics, fashion, electronics, dental technicians, computers, workshops in civil engineering, architecture and more.

We believe in the right and ability of Arab students to lead and excel and fulfill their dream and be an important part in technological progress.

Al-Qasmi College is committed to working and providing the best for the benefit of its students, having talented lecturers and administrative staff who will work together to fulfill the college's vision based on human, organizational and pedagogical leadership.


Dr. Madhat Osman

 College President